Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The State of the Union

The President was right on so many issues.  Read the full text here.
Some of my favorite points deal with the War on Terror.  For example, "what good have we done":

In the last two years, we've seen the desire for liberty in the broader Middle East -- and we have been sobered by the enemy's fierce reaction. In 2005, the world watched as the citizens of Lebanon raised the banner of the Cedar Revolution, they drove out the Syrian occupiers and chose new leaders in free elections. In 2005, the people of Afghanistan defied the terrorists and elected a democratic legislature. And in 2005, the Iraqi people held three national elections, choosing a transitional government, adopting the most progressive, democratic constitution in the Arab world, and then electing a government under that constitution. Despite endless threats from the killers in their midst, nearly 12 million Iraqi citizens came out to vote in a show of hope and solidarity that we should never forget. (Applause.)

How about pulling out now?

If American forces step back before Baghdad is secure, the Iraqi government would be overrun by extremists on all sides. We could expect an epic battle between Shia extremists backed by Iran, and Sunni extremists aided by al Qaeda and supporters of the old regime. A contagion of violence could spill out across the country -- and in time, the entire region could be drawn into the conflict.

For America, this is a nightmare scenario. For the enemy, this is the objective. Chaos is the greatest ally -- their greatest ally in this struggle. And out of chaos in Iraq would emerge an emboldened enemy with new safe havens, new recruits, new resources, and an even greater determination to harm America. To allow this to happen would be to ignore the lessons of September the 11th and invite tragedy. Ladies and gentlemen, nothing is more important at this moment in our history than for America to succeed in the Middle East, to succeed in Iraq and to spare the American people from this danger. (Applause.)

Are there any heroes in this war?

Tommy Rieman was a teenager pumping gas in Independence, Kentucky, when he enlisted in the United States Army. In December 2003, he was on a reconnaissance mission in Iraq when his team came under heavy enemy fire. From his Humvee, Sergeant Rieman returned fire; he used his body as a shield to protect his gunner. He was shot in the chest and arm, and received shrapnel wounds to his legs -- yet he refused medical attention, and stayed in the fight. He helped to repel a second attack, firing grenades at the enemy's position. For his exceptional courage, Sergeant Rieman was awarded the Silver Star. And like so many other Americans who have volunteered to defend us, he has earned the respect and the gratitude of our entire country. (Applause.)

That's what I'm talking about.  The President took the fight to the enemy in enemy territory and did it with grace and humor.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. And tonight, I have a high privilege and distinct honor of my own -- as the first President to begin the State of the Union message with these words: Madam Speaker. (Applause.)


Next, there is the matter of earmarks. These special interest items are often slipped into bills at the last hour -- when not even C-SPAN is watching. (Laughter.)


Where has he been this last year?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Global Warming Continues Rampage

Where is Algore when you need him?
Global warming yesterday ruined plans of many Californians by dropping a freak blizzard on them. Global Warming champion, Heidi Cullen has issued a fatwa against any meteorologist who would disrespect GW (not Bush).
Interestingly, none of the mainstream media seemed to notice the blizzard in Colorado (although the weather channel did).
Well, off to work now. Be back later tonight.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Year, New Format

Some of you may have noticed a few cosmetic changes to the blog. My picture has moved to the sidebar, which has moved to the left. There is a new way to access previous posts. And Sacred Cow Burgers is no longer on my blogroll. Jay Dyson has apparently completely shut down his site. What used to link to him now goes to a site full of ads. No more biting photos and commentary.

However, note that Day by Day is still at the bottom. I will soon be back to real blogging, but I thought you might have noticed the absence of the link and had not heard that Jay was getting out of the internet game.

Monday, January 01, 2007

It's a New Year

And you can make it happy.
Or you can make it sad.
You can make it good,
Or you can make it bad.

As for me and my family, we will choose life.