Monday, July 21, 2008

Questions About Man-made Global Warming

You could call these questions about Anthropogenic Global Warming, if you wanted to impress your professor.


1.       Where do you take the global temperature?  (temperature will vary by latitude.  It is generally hotter at the equator and cooler at the poles)

2.       If the answer to #1 is that we take average readings, what would be the effect of several thousand stations in the colder latitudes not reporting?

3.       Assuming we can answer number 1, what time of day should we take the temperature?  (Global cooling occurs at night, doesn’t it?) 

4.       Assuming we can answer both 1 and 3, what should the temperature be? (If the current temperature is below the ideal, then Global Warming is a good thing.)

5.       Assuming we can answer 1, 3, and 4, has the planet ever been colder than it is now?  What was that like?

6.       Has the planet ever been warmer than it is now?  What was that like?

7.       Are there generally more weather-related deaths due to cold weather or due to hot weather?

8.       Do plants, on average,  grow better in cold weather or in warm weather?

9.       When you say “Greenhouse gases” what exactly do you mean?  Can you name the specific gases?

10.   What portion of greenhouse gases does NOT contain carbon?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Global Warming is Bad for Your Health

There are many things about the Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming hysteria that are, well, funny.  It seems that every day we find things that “Global Warming may cause” in supposedly reputable news sources. 


I thought news sources were to report something that has already happened, not something that “may” happen.  One of the latest I have seen is that Global Warming may cause kidney stones.  No, really.  Read it for yourself here.


In case you haven’t been paying attention, here is a partial list of things that may be caused by Global Warming (forget for the moment that the globe has been cooling since 1999):

Floods and Droughts

Less frogs … and … more insects

Go here for a complete list.


Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Only Money

According to the Obama campaign, McCain is way ahead in fund raising:  “By collecting huge checks from Washington lobbyists and special interest PACs, they raised more money than ever before in June. Combined with the Republican National Committee, they now have more than $95 million in cash on hand.”


See those darn lobbyists. You won’t catch Obama accepting money from lobbyists.  No, sir.  You won’t catch him using questionable sources.  You won’t see him changing positions on major topics either.  He doesn’t change his position, just his rhetoric.


Words mean somethingJohn McCain thinks actions mean something also.  What do you think?


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Dave and Blarney Discuss the Weather

Dave: Hi, Blarney. What are you up to?

Blarney: Hi, Dave. I’m heading to a protest march about high gas prices.

Dave: I thought you wanted gas prices to be higher.

Blarney: Whatever gave you that idea?

Dave: Don’t you want to reduce man-made carbon emissions?

Blarney: Absolutely. We need to do everything we can to reduce man’s impact on Global Warming.

Dave: Well, don’t high gas prices force people to drive less and therefore emit less carbon from their autos?

Blarney: Well, yes. But it’s all Bush’s fault.

Dave: The high gas prices or the fact that people drive?

Blarney: Yes. Bush should have ratified Kyoto.

Dave: And that would have lowered gas prices?

Blarney: Well, no. But it would have averted catastrophic man-made global warming like we have now.

Dave: You do know that the globe has not warmed since 1998, right? In fact, April 2008 was the coldest April in a long time.

Blarney: Well, experts say that is only a temporary lull.

Dave: But don’t you believe that the primary factor in global warming is enhanced C02 emissions? What is causing the lull?

Blarney: I, uh …

Be Safe Out There

10 Deadliest Days of the Year To Drive


1. July 4

2. July 3

3. December 23

4. August 3

5. January 1

6. August 6

7. August 4

8. August 12

9. July 2

10.September 2



Five Deadliest Months to Drive


1. August

2. October

3. July

4. November

5. September



Deadliest Day of the Week to Drive


1. Saturday

2. Friday

3. Thursday

4. Wednesday

5. Monday

6. Tuesday

7. Sunday


The above provided from statistics compiled from the Air Force.