Monday, November 17, 2008

About Obamanation

Republicans clearly had no plan of attack about the ideology of Barack Obama. The even almost ignored the associations which gave a clue. The significant thing about Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers is not their radical ideas, nor why Obama hung around with them. The significant thing is why THEY felt comfortable hanging around Obama.

I submit that they are ideological bedfellows. Obama is as radical as they are. He wants to “spread the wealth” around. Not his, mind you. He wants to spread other people’s wealth around. He considers people selfish if they want to retain their hard-earned money, but has yet to send any money to his aunt or brother.

I was on his mailing list and, after his raising record amounts of money, he sent out an appeal to help bail out the DNC because they went into debt to finance his campaign. It apparently did not occur to him to “spread the wealth” that he had brought into his campaign.

Watch closely in the coming months.