Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Connect the Dots

Recently I learned the following:
  • approximately 90-95% of the children on Ritalin are males
  • Ritalin is a controlled substance and has the same effect as cocaine
  • Most of the school shooters have been on psychiatric drugs
  • Many school curricula attempt to feminize the boys
So, then, is it possible that the curriculum in most schools, being not "male friendly", leads boys to not pay attention or fidget. This fidgeting is then taken as a sign of ADHD which explains why more boys than girls are diagnosed with that. Then the boys are drugged. Could this be the pattern?
Just wondering.


Pat'sRick© said...

The ratio of male to female on Ritalin was from a host on a talk show.
The feminizing curriculum was from Focus on the Family.

The Cassandra Page said...

Interesting theory. The left has screwed up education so much it is hard to predict what foul consequences will follow any particular policy. Imagine trying to swallow a fire hose and then having the water turned on. You don't know exactly where the water will come out, but you know it will be painful.