Thursday, June 09, 2005

Judiciary Votes

So far, the Democrats have honored the "deal" to invoke cloture on the three Bush nominees. Two have been confirmed (Owens and Brown) as of this writing and one (Pruor) will be voted on today.
The vote to invoke cloture on Owens had only 18 Democrats voting no. The subsequent confirmation vote was more along party lines, with only Byrd (D-WV) breaking ranks to vote for the confirmation.
The cloture vote on Janice Rodgers Brown had more Democrats voting no, but still passed eassily with 10 voting yes. Jeffords (I-VT) joined two Democrats not willing to commit either way. The confirmation vote broke almost completely along party lines, with Nelson (D-NE) being the only Democrat to vote for her. Jeffords continued to abstain.
The cloture vote for William Pryor passed easily 67-32-1, with Jeffords again abstaining.
"Moderate" Hillary Clinton (D-NY) voted no for both confirmations and the last two cloture nominations. Stay tuned for the nomination vote on Pryor.

Update 8:07 PM

William Pryor has been confirmed. The vote was almost along party lines. Three predictable Republicans voted against [
Chafee (R-RI). Collins (R-ME), and Snowe (R-ME)] and one [Murkowski (R-AK)] joined Jeffords (I-VT) in abstaining. That meant only 51 Republicans voted in favor, but the vote was 53-45 because two Democrats [Nelson (D-NE) and Salazar (D-CO)] voted in favor.

Two other judges have also beeen confirmed to the Sixth Circuit: (1)
Richard A. Griffin, of Michigan, by a 95-0 vote (Jeffords plus Alexander (R-TN) , Biden (D-DE), Murkowski (R-AK), and Obama (D-IL) abstained); and (2) David W. McKeague, of Michigan, by 96-0 (Jeffords, Biden, Alexander, and Murkowski abstained again).


camojack said...

I've posted this elsewhere:
"Memo to Hillary"
By Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.
(But I think you'll like it)

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I read JWR nearly daily myself. Thanks for sharing.