Saturday, April 15, 2006

How much heat does burning gasoline generate?

More than this item, sent by a friend for opinion, generates.

It seems the old fantasies never die. This one questions whether an airplane actually flew into the Pentagon on 9-11. It started making the rounds on about 9-12, I think. The theory is that it was a missile that hit the Pentagon, not an airplane. (This is similar to the theory that United 93 was actually shot down by the USAF.) If you think that is strange, remember that Alec Baldwin (among other ... um ... celebrities - like Michael Moore) doesn't believe airplanes flew into the World Trade Center. You see, those towers were actually demolished by explosives planted in the buildings. It was all a plot by the {quietly} Jooos {pause}, orchestrated by the evil genius {pause} Karl Rove {echo Rove - Rove -}. Don't believe the eyewitness accounts or the video footage. It was all just a trick.

If you are not a celebrity, you might think that people holding these thoughts are not playing with a full deck. Actually, the elevator no longer goes to the top because it was short-circuited by the tinfoil.

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