Thursday, October 19, 2006

Dave and Blarney Discuss Elections

Blarney:This time the Democrats will win both houses of Congress, thanks to Mark Foley.
Dave: Why is that, Blarney?
Blarney: Voters are outraged, and rightly so, about the Republican handling of this mess.
Dave: What is it, exactly, that the Democrats dislike about the incidents?
Blarney: Well, isn't it obvious?
Dave: Here are the facts as I understand them: Foley is a homosexual. He sent "overly friendly" email messages to a young page. He sent sexually explicit Instant Messages to an adult page, even engaging in "internet sex". There was no documented physical sexual contact. He resigned as soon as the situation became public. So, are you offended by his sexual orientation?
Blarney: Absolutely not. Everyone has a right to their own orientation.
Dave: Ok, then. Are you offended by sexually explicit instant messages?
Blarney: Well, the emails went to a minor.
Dave: Yes, but they were not sexually explicit. Foley engaged in internet sex with an adult male page, not the one he sent emails to. But can I assume that you oppose the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)? Do you condemn their agenda?
Blarney: Well, no. We don't have uptight mores about sex.
Dave: Well, then what is it?
Blarney: Hastert should have done something about Foley much sooner.
Dave: But what is it that you find reprehensible about Foley? Was it that he sexually approached someone over which he had some authority? Did you find Bill and Monica to be reprehensible by the same standard?
Blarney: Well, no. That was a private matter between two adults. You conservatives had no right to attack Mr. Clinton for receiving "favors" from Monica.
Dave: And the fact that Mr. Clinton was married has no bearing on it?
Blarney: Of course not. We are enlightened.
Dave: You will of course recall that Mr. Clinton initially denied everything. Foley, on the other hand, admitted his actions. Is that what you find offensive?
Blarney: The leader of the House Republicans should have known what was going on and done something about it.
Dave: About what? What is the action that you find so horrible? NAMBLA openly advocates homosexual sex between adults and children. You don't seem upset with them. Bill Clinton used his office - the Oval Office - to engage in oral sex with an intern. You people rushed to defend him.
Blarney: Well...
Dave: And I find it strange that the same people who protest about tracking terrorist conversations think it is appropriate to expose emails between individuals in Congress.
Blarney: But...
Dave: Now, I do find Foley's behavior as a Congressman reprehensible. I am outraged that he would approach a subordinate. I am opposed to NAMBLA. I just can't figure out what you think was so horrible, based on previous discussions.
Blarney: It's an election year.
Dave: Right. Thanks for being open about the motivation for outrage on the Left.

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