Monday, April 02, 2007

Dave and Blarney April Fool

Dave: Hi, Blarney. I haven't seen you since you left for that Man Made Global Warming conference. How did that go?
Blarney: It was cancelled due to a blizzard. We decided to hold the next one in July.
Dave: That's pretty smart. You should have some record high temperatures somewhere that you can point to as evidence.
Blarney: We had a record high just a few days ago in Montgomery, Alabama.
Dave: Really? How hot was it?
Blarney: 88.
Dave: That doesn't seem too hot for Alabama.
Blarney: Oh, but it was a record for that day in March.
Dave: What was the previous record?
Blarney: 87.
Dave: And when was the previous record set?
Blarney: 1895.
Dave: So, let me see if I understand. The previous high was 87, set Mar 28, 1895. In 112 years, man-made global warming resulted in a new high of 88?
Blarney: That's right.
Dave: But all the years in between it was colder?
Blarney: Yes. That's what Man Made Global Warming is all about.
Dave: OK. I have a question for you. What made it so hot back in 1895?
Blarney: The transportation industry, just like today.
Dave: You'll have to explain that.
Blarney: Hello, railroads, STEAM locomotives!
Dave: <sigh>


camojack said...

Before steam engines, it was fireplaces...during the Medieval Warming


Pat'sRick© said...

Yes, and before that it was the DRAGONS. Oh, wait, that would be natural.

alex said...

I had some struck off in Chicago...