Thursday, August 16, 2007


An email is making the rounds about the energy consumption and environmental impact of two houses. One belongs to Al "inconvenient" Gore. The other belongs to George W. (the chimp) Bushitler. One is 10,000 square feet, the other a mere 4,000. One uses 20 times the national average of energy, the other recycles water for irrigation and uses geothermal exchangers to heat and cool the property.

If you were a man-made global warming enthusiast, you would be shocked, shocked to learn that the energy guzzling home belongs to Al Gore and the eco-friendly abode belongs to George W. Bush. You would, no doubt, scream "fraud". So, allow me to point you to some references for a credibility check.
Truth or Fiction dot com.
Urban Legends.

Since Gore's house uses 20 times the national average of electricity (being only 4 times larger that the average house) and Bush's house uses about one-fourth of the energy, who is the champion of the environment?

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Maggie said...

Hmmmmmm.....let me guess which one.Would it be GW Bush?

I like the easy questions:is there a prize?