Monday, October 29, 2007

Accuracy in Media Matters

That is actually the name of two "watchdog" organizations in one title.
We all know that the news media's main job is to provide...
... income for the media stars.  A large percentage of people in the news media admit to being liberal.  Even if they didn't the bias would be obvious.  The news media desperately want the Democrats to be in power.  They are willing to ignore for as long as they can any missteps by someone in the Democrat party.  Like William "cold cash" Jefferson.  Or Hillary "if the Hsu fits" Clinton.  Or Harry "phony soldiers letter" Reid.
They ignore or downplay conservative efforts (Like Rush "4.2 Million to the Marine Charity" Limbaugh) to move people forward.  Apparently, Marxist doctrine is taught at journalism schools and "intellectual" hotspots like Harvard and Yale.  You can see and hear the Marxist ideology when Mrs. Clinton wants to "take" the profits from oil companies.  You can see it in the way the Democrat leadership portrays our troops (air-raiding villages, torturing women and children, killing civilians in cold blood) and how they want ever larger government intrusion to private areas of out lives, most recently noticeable health care.
I'm just rambling now.  More to come.

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camojack said...

"I'm just rambling now. More to come."

Ramble on, my brother...