Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stimulus Effects for Retirees

The Federal Government has issued the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) adjustment figures for Social Security and military retirees. Here you go:
Social Security.
Cost of Living increase = 0%.
Cost of Medicare Part B goes from $96.50 to $110.50.
Net Benefit to seniors = -$14.00.

Military Retirees.
Cost of Living increase = 0%.
Tax increase due to stimulus = $10.
Net benefit to military retirees = -$10.

How's that hope and change working out so far?


camojack said...

I still plan to retire no later than 6 years from the end of this month...

Hawkeye® said...

C'mon! What are you talking about? Obama said he would not raise our taxes "not one single dime"! Are you calling Obama a liar??

(:D) Best regards...

Pat's Rick© said...

I wish you well, my brother.

Do I look like Joe Wilson? Obama simply redefined who "the wealthy" are.