Thursday, October 27, 2005

Is Cheney out of Prison Yet?

While waiting for special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to somehow bring down President Bush, the MSM has been speculating on the other ways they can accomplish Job 1.

So far the investigation of a leak of a non-covert CIA operative's name (which was readily available from IRS sources and society magazines) has not accomplished the "i" word. (impeach Bush) Even conservative pundit, Cal Thomas, has called for his head.

Exhulting over American death #2,000 in Iraq, they have failed to note the passage of the Iraqi constitution, the rebuiilding of Iraq's infrastructure (except to complain that we are rebuilding it when New Orleans is down the drain), or the general revulsion many Arabs are now displaying toward the "insurgents" who blow up children and soft targets.

Let's trot out critics of the "regime" like the former chief of staff for Colin Powell who complains about the President and Vice President "hijacking foreign policy". Wonder who he thinks is supposed to set foreign policy if not the elected leaders of the country? The unelected career (mostly left wing) staffers within the State Department.

Where is Teddy Roosevelt when you need him?

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