Friday, March 10, 2006

Left Libels Luminaries

In an outrageous ad, DefCon (The Campaign to Defend the Constitution) tries to smear James Dobson and two other religious leaders. You can tell why in the last paragraph of the ad:
Dobson, Reed and Sheldon have formed an unholy alliance with the Bush Administration to wage war against our Constitution, to intrude in our personal lives. They led the fight to involve government in the Terry Schiavo case. They’re among the leading opponents of stem cell research. All the time, they must have been betting they wouldn’t get caught taking their thirty pieces of silver and selling out the millions who believed in them. They were wrong.
Dr. Dobson has already responded. You can let him know how you feel here.
Of course, hypocrisy is one thing with which the left is familiar. But that all depends on the meaning of "is".

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