Friday, January 30, 2009

Eleven Principled Democrats

The recent vote on the so-called stimulus package found every single House Republican voting “No”.  That isn’t much of a surprise, since the package is all about funding liberal pet projects, growing government and having no positive impact on the economy. 


What might be more surprising is the fact that eleven Democrats stood up to their party (including my own Representative, Bobby Bright).  In case you are interested in personally thanking these people, I am providing a link to their Congressional home pages.

Allen Boyd, FL (2)

Bobby Bright, AL (2)

Jim Cooper, TN (5)

Brad Ellsworth, IN (8)

Parker Griffith, AL (5)

Paul Kanjorski, PA (11)

Frank Kratovil, Jr, MD (1)

Walt Minnick, ID (1)

Collin Peterson, MN (7)

Heath Shuler, NC (11)

Gene Taylor, MS (4)


Kudos to the Blue Dogs and the conservatives in the Republican party for standing up to this sham legislation.  Too bad it passed the House anyway.  Now let’s see what the Senate does.



Hawkeye® said...

I am thrilled to see Republicans finally united for a change. The Repubs have nothing to lose. It's obviously a bad bill without much chance of success. Why sign on to the Titanic?

(:D) Best regards...

Pat'sRick© said...

Yes. So far the House Repubs have had more spine than their Senate counterparts. It would be nice to see a clear difference between the Dems and the Repubs again.

camojack said...

Hopefully it won't pass the Senate.

Pat'sRick© said...

We can hope. If the Senate Republicans hold to conseervative principles (good luck with that), it won't. Sessions has been doing a great job getting support for the eVerify in the package. He voted against the last bailout.