Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It's a New Year

It is an historic year, with the very first black American set to assume the highest executive office in the land.  As everybody knows, he is a Democrat and should be instituting an extreme agenda of left-wing policies.  Indeed many pundits are warning us of that very possibility.


Yet, here is an amazing thing.  Of the announced nominations for his cabinet, I really can’t object to any of them on ideological grounds.  Oh, sure, they aren’t Republicans (well some of them anyway), but neither are they charter members of  As far as the War on Terror, Mr. Obama proposes leaving the current Secretary of Defense in place.  For his National Security Advisor, he has chosen a decorated General (is that redundant?).


Now, it could be that he is even more clever than some give him credit for.  The Senate must approve all the nominations.  Since it is Democrat controlled, we could expect a rubber stamp on each one.  But wait, there is more.   Suppose the Senate REJECTS his “first” choices.  Then Mr. Obama will be FORCED to nominate someone more in line with the extreme left, just so he can get them confirmed.


Kind of makes you go “Hmm…”


camojack said...

Two things that I have thought of as silver linings to this black (no pun intended, really!) cloud.

First and foremost, I will no longer have to listen to people who claim that this country/society are keeping them down. While I certainly acknowledge that historically that has been a reality, and doubtless still is in some places, by and large I truly believe it to be a thing of the past...and have told some of my Black co-workers in the Military-Industrial Complex™ as much. Nobody is keeping anyone down in the country nowadays but themselves.

Secondly, while the state of our economy has been greatly weakened, it is my hope that the situation will prevent much (if not all) of the expanded government largess that Obama claims to espouse. Maybe that was just campaign rhetoric, but hopefully whether it was or not has been rendered a moot point.

We shall see...

Pat'sRick© said...

Excellent thoughts, sir, as usual.