Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Chicken Age Calculator

I received an email from a friend with a "Chocolate Age Calculator". Now, this calculator works, but only if your age is less than 100 and only for this year. Since there are lots of Americans over that age (or at least that age), I am providing this new and improved Chicken Age Calculator as a public service. This will work even if your age is triple digits. It will also work for any year from now on (sort of).

Write down the number of times each week that you eat chicken. This number must be between 1 and 9. If you don't eat chicken, just pick a number from 1 to 9. Remember the number. Now do the following:

  1. Multiply the number by 25 (you can use the calculator that comes with the operating system).
  2. Add 50.
  3. Multiply by 40.
  4. Add the two digit year for your last birthday (for me that would be 05, might be 04 for some. Next year at this time, mine would be 06).
  5. Subtract the four-digit year of your birth.
This leaves you with a four digit number. The leftmost digit is your original number. The right three digits will be your age (for me it is 062). If you happen to be over one hundred, it will be your exact age also. This will work for the rest of this century. After that, I won't care.

Have fun.

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