Monday, December 12, 2005

No Liberal Bias at MSM

A new ABC poll has some interesting results, in spite of the spin put on it by ABC themselves. For a detailed analysis, see what Captain Ed has to say about it.

Wonder how long it will take for the Democrats to admit that their polling numbers were outright lies? Here are some actual results:
  • 76 percent of Iraqis express confidence that this week's elections will produce a stable government
  • 57 percent of Iraqis prefer democracy to either strongman rule or an Islamic state
  • 99 percent of Iraqis support women voting or working as medical doctors
  • 63 percent feel very safe in their own neighborhood, up sharply from an Oxford poll in June 2004
  • This survey finds 10- to 13-point gains in ratings of local crime protection, security and medical care, as well as in the still-problematic areas of electric supply and jobs.
Update: The link to the poll results was broken. Fixed it.

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