Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Medical Privacy Upheld

Judge David F. Crow's decision prohibiting prosecutors from asking the talk show host's doctors about his medical treatment and condition or information he shared with his doctors during his care and treatment should put an end to the harassment of Rush Limbaugh.

Of course, next on the liberal chopping block are Bill Frist and Tom DeLay. Frist faces charges of insider trading since he divested himself of medical stocks just before they went down. The fact that he had tried to remove those stocks for over six months to avoid an apparent conflict of interest seems to have no bearing on the accusation.

Delay, although having some charges thrown out, still faces a money-laundering indictment, which will no doubt prove just as spurious as the charges against Limbaugh. The politics of personal destruction rumbles on with the Washington "climate of corruption". Has anyone heard of the Barrett Report?

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