Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's the Middle of the Week...

... do you know where your Congress is?

Ann Coulter notes that

It's pretty pathetic when a Kennedy is too drunk to drive into the Potomac. After the visibly intoxicated Rep. Patrick Kennedy crashed his car into a police barrier near the Capitol just before 3 a.m. last Thursday morning, he explained to the police he was hurrying back to the Capitol for a vote, a procedure known on the Hill as "last call." It could have been a lot worse: Patrick's designated driver that night was Ted Kennedy.
She reminisces about the Democrat love affair with special prosecutors until an actual felon was being investigated. Read the whole article.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi (or, as George Stephanopolous would say, "Madame Speaker") wants to impeach President Bush as soon as the Democrats win back Congress. Excuse me, win back? Seems like they (aided by the gang of 14) have pretty much been in control so far. Of course, once the Democrats are firmly seated in the majority, we will see how a majority party is supposed to act. They will brook no insubordination from the minority.

Democrats have declared war against Republicans, and Republicans are wandering around like a bunch of ninny Neville Chamberlains, congratulating themselves on their excellent behavior. They'll have some terrific stories about their Gandhi-like passivity to share while sitting in cells at Guantanamo after Hillary is elected.
Oh, and in case we want to know how to deal with an immigration problem, we can see how Mexico does it.

Herman Cain writes a great letter from a slave to an illegal.

My ancestors were brought to this country in chains against their will, and sold and forced to work like common farm animals. They had to abide by the laws to stay alive.
Throughout my ancestors’ 350-year struggle the objective was always “one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” When that liberty and justice finally became legally recognized as our civil rights, some of us ran through the doors of opportunity, some walked, and some chose to stay on the outside to criticize and complain. Still, our nation’s history has always been defined by one set of laws, one language and one flag of unity. This is what defines the United States of America!

And here's an amazing article about the Al Qaeda connection.

BAGHDAD, Iraq, May 8 (AP) — The Council of Holy Warriors, Al Qaeda's branch in Iraq, is worried that its cells in the Baghdad area are ineffective, with one militant describing their activities as nothing more than a "daily annoyance" to the Iraqi government, according to two documents released Monday by the United States military.
Did you notice how that was the lead story on ABC? Well, how about NBC? CBS? CNN? Fox?
Oh, right.

What about Congress? They want to investigate "Big Oil" for price gouging. Meanwhile protecting their own - well, if they are Democrats - contrast Duke Cunningham and William Jefferson or that other William Jefferson ... .

Democrats adored the independent counsel statute -- until it was used to catch an actual felon in the Oval Office. Then they noticed all sorts of problems with the law. Democrats swore up and down that women never lie about rape -- until that same felon was credibly accused of rape by Juanita Broaddrick on "NBC News," not to mention the four other card-carrying Democratic women who described being raped by Bill Clinton in eerily similar detail in Christopher Hitchens' book "No One Left to Lie To."

Just wait until November.

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