Monday, May 08, 2006

Third Party, Anyone?

With election season rapidly approaching, Congress (both houses, both parties) is struggling to appear relevant by wanting to investigate oil companies for price gouging. Of course, the fact that gas prices are now going DOWN will not deter them. Similarly, both sides of the aisle appear to be courting the illegal immigrant vote, although the Democrats are a little more blatant about it. Here's a thought: How about investigating the illegals and protecting our borders. Oh, and while you're at it, how about talking about the good things going on in Iraq.

Ann Coulter has an article that nails Congress and the professors. Good job, Ann.

Coming up, soaring prices at the colleges. Who's to blame? How can you keep your child in college and cash in your wallet? And Harvard outrage, big education makes big bucks, but we pay the price. So should President Bush limit prices? ...

To our top story now. It seems like a summer ritual. Rising professors' salaries mean rising tuition prices. But this year, sticker shock at the tuition window is fueling more concern than ever. And it has many people asking where is it going to end?

JAMIE COURT, CONSUMER RIGHTS ADVOCATE: Every time you see the price of tuition go up, you can hear "ka-ching, ka-ching" in the bank accounts of the college professors.

And then, there is our friend, the Butcher back in business with two new posts:

An explanation of the current oil shortage, and

Another look at immigration.

While you are surfing, be sure to visit Liberal Larry and get his reasoning on Big Oil. Or maybe on Moussaoui.

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