Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Verdict Is In

Moussaoui (one of the wannabe hijackers from 9-11) was found guilty of being a terrorist and we waited for the jury to give the verdict on his punishment. They have decided.

For his crimes against America, Moussaoui will pay. He will have to eat American food, wear American clothes (prison, that is) for the rest of his life. Yes, we will feed and clothe him and provide shelter for the rest of his natural life. That will fix him.

Wait a minute? Who is paying for this? The government. And where do they propose to get the money? From those of us who pay taxes. So, you and I have agreed to support this man for the rest of his life because he is a terrorist.

Of course, he is not a martyr and therefore does not get his hot and cold running virgins. OK, that should be punishment enough. Let's provide him a hearty breakfast of his choice of ham, bacon or sausage every day. Yeah, that's the ticket. No wait, that would be considered torture.

Oh, I know. Let's not feed him at all. We learned that is a particularly euphoric existence. Well, short and euphoric. No, can't do that. He would die.

Nope, he will just have to do the best he can in prison. Maybe he can get a book deal.

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