Saturday, February 03, 2007

Global Warming Ravages Carolinas, Georgia

As February marched onto the calendar, Atlanta weathered an ice storm, in spite of the fact that man-made global warming is indisputable.
By 9 p.m., temperatures across the metro Atlanta area had dropped below freezing and were still falling. Light rain -- most of it not reaching the ground -- was observed on radar moving eastward into far western Georgia.
The Carolinas were also hit, mostly with snow.
A winter storm rushed across the Southeast Thursday, closing schools and grounding flights a day after coating roads with deadly ice in the Plains.

A winter storm warning covered the western Carolinas and northern Georgia on Thursday afternoon, and more than 4 inches of snow fell in spots.

This, in spite of the fact that Global Warming is virtually indisputable.
An international panel of climate scientists said yesterday that there is an overwhelming probability that human activities are warming the planet at a dangerous rate, with consequences that could soon take decades or centuries to reverse.
If you listen closely, you can hear the residents of West Yellowstone, Montana yelling "Bring It On".
Bitterly cold air poured southward across the nation's midsection Wednesday, dropping temperatures to record lows from Montana to Illinois.

The mercury dived to a record 45 below at West Yellowstone, Mont., the frequently cold spot at the west entrance to Yellowstone National Park, the National Weather Service said. The old record for Dec. 7 was 39 below, set in 1927.

0718 AM EST FRI JAN 26 2007

Swimsuits, anyone?

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