Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Pat's thoughts on the troop excerpts

Why are the uninformed in reality...those who have not served their country in the armed forces or are not even informed on the conditions faced by them... making the laws that govern military conduct on the battlefield. Those who are unable to help a drowning young woman out of a sinking car, the ones who are calling for American servicemen to be prosecuted for fighting and preserving their lives and those of their fellows, those who would not volunteer to fight for this country if they were still of the appropriate age...those who would pee themselves if confronted with a single thing that our brave men and women and for cripes sake...the Iraqi civilians, face every day of their lives. How is it that things can be so frightfully turned around so that the Deviants are making decisions for those who at least strive to be righteous and upstanding??? It is so wrong that the laws governing how the war is to be fought should be made by 'politicians' who have one if not both eyes on the requirements of getting elected again for the next term, not what is right. Men and women are living and dying according to the policies made by the underbelly (politicians) of American society. People who have no conscience nor moral fortitude...why are laws made by many who don't even obey the basic laws of being a responsible and God ( oh...the 'word') fearing human being.
We had better, each and every one of us, be in prayer for the way and means of making a difference in turning this country back to what it was originally meant to be...while we still can make a difference.
Oh well...pardon the rant. I really do hate to talk about politics, brings out my more colorful language...political thoughts really can ruin the illusion of a 'good' day.


Maggie said...

Great rant,Rick.
Hope you are well,and know that your common sence wisdom is missing over at Scrappleface.

Pat'sRick© said...

Thanks, but that was Pat's rant verbatim. I'll visit Scrappleface again soon.

Actually, I visit a lot, but am unable to post comments.