Monday, February 19, 2007

The Senate Vote

The Republicans, using the 60 vote rule managed to "filibuster" the motion. On the vote to end the filibuster, seven Republicans actually sided with the Democrats. The names are no surprise if you have been following Congressional votes. For a review of some of the ones I thought were important, click the Congressional Votes link below.

Anyway, the seven Republicans who voted for cloture are:

The total vote was 56 to 34, with 10 either absent or abstaining. When the Senate updates it voting records, I will update this post with a link to the vote.


Possumtrot said...

There is total skullduggery going on in Congress. There is a move afoot to make the war unwinnable.

The peaceniks did this to my war in Nam. Here we go again.

Names are being taken, and votes will be cast where applicable.

Pat'sRick© said...

Yes, been there done that.

Seth said...

Well, the Dems did predict that Iraq would be another Vietnam.

What they forgot to add was that they plan to make it so by losing the war for us at home rather than allowing our troops to win it in-theatre.

It really is amazing how things change: Once, treason was a capital offense. Today, it is an accepted Congressional political strategy that is also approved for the media.

Pat'sRick© said...