Friday, September 30, 2005

An Evening with Lt Dan

Pat and I just returned from a USO show that featured Gary Sinise and his Lt Dan Band. I t was at Maxwell AFB and was just about the best concert I have ever attended (Carman beat them, but only barely). This band ROCKS. They played everything from show tunes to rap with a little Jimmy Hendrix and Bruce Springsteen along the way. Some of the band members wrote songs especially to support the troops.

Opening the show was a local group called the Space Cowboys who did a little country, rock, and easy listening tunes. Starting promptly at 5PM, they performed for an hour before the Lt Dan Band took the stage a little after 6PM.

The Lt Dan Band performed until 7:30, took a 20 minute break and continued until 9PM. Then came back for an encore due to the crowd's cheers and applause. It was truly a great show. One highlight for me was Gary Sinise talking about the good things going on in Iraq. The soldiers are building schools and Gary formed an outreach called Operation Iraqi Children, which provides school supplies to the troops so they can pass them out to the Iraqi children. In the wake of the two major hurricanes, Operation Iraqi Children is expanding its efforts to provide assistance to the many Americans affected.

If you ever get the chance to view a Lt Dan Band concert, take it.

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