Sunday, September 11, 2005

Katrina Relief Buttons - Updated 4:25PM

OK. Technically this is not about Katrina. It is about the layout of this blog. You will note that I added some buttons at the top of the sidebar. They link to organizations that are providing disaster relief. I previously posted about ways to help. These buttons just prevent you from having to scroll or jump to those posts.

At the top is a link to Kenneth Copeland's Partners Helping Partners page.

Next is a link to Samaritan's Purse, followed by the Southern Baptist Home Mission Board.

Last is a link to the American Red Cross.

Feel free to use or ignore the buttons (like you need my permission for that).

And remember what happened on this date four years ago.

Update 11 Sep 2005 at 4:25PM

I added a link to the Salvation Army as well.


Anonymous said...
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Pat'sRick© said...

Aren't SPAMBots wonderful?

camojack said...

Like I said...I take it all back about the word verification option.

Pat'sRick© said...

I turned that back on.