Tuesday, September 13, 2005

President Bush Accepts Full Responsibility for Government Failures

This just in from Faux News (Dateline Jayson Blair)
The president has admitted that government agencies failed to respond in a timely manner to Hurricane Katrina. He tried to get Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco to mobilize the city on 26 Aug 2005, a mere three days prior to the storm hitting. Bush did not personally fly to New Orleans, organize the municipal and school bus drivers, and determine destinations. Instead, he foolishly left that duty to Mayor Nagin. He failed to medically evacuate the ill and infirm. Bush failed to organize the Louisiana National Guard, instead choosing to leave that duty to Governor Blanco. This is clear incompetence at the Federal level. Sure, the federal forces arrived after Katrina more rapidly than they did for Andrew, Camille, or Hugo (one month) but they were still a full two days after the hurricane landfall. Sure, Bush spent more on New Orleans in his administration than President Clinton did, but don't forget Bush had a FULL FIVE YEARS to do that. President Clinton, on the other hand, had a scant eight years for New Orleans spending. Moreover, President Clinton was distracted by his war in Kosovo. Bush has no such excuse.
And, while the body count was far less than that predicted by Mayor Nagin, it was no thanks to the fascist, racist Bush. Bush has consistently locked blacks out of key staff positions. He... what? Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice? Janice Rogers Brown? They are not REAL blacks, and therefore do not count. We in the media have finally driven Bush's poll numbers down. I mean, the American people are beginning to realize what an incompetent, heartless [deleted] Bush is.
Liberal Larry has it right.
So does Scott Ott.

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