Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Now I See

Remember John "I have a plan" Kerry? Neal Boortz has discovered the plan.
My wife (smiles proudly) has some thoughts about that plan:
I vote that we pass on the whole Democratic plan, otherwise we will be taking away the reason that people work, and a lot of their self respect. How can you have self respect if you have been excluded from the very programs and practices that make every American a part of the American Way. If I am excluded from participation in providing for my self, my family and moreover my own future, I have been relegated to a different class of citizen. I must in some way be of less worth and dignity than those who have NOT been relegated to this secondary category. Someone has decided for me that I am less able, less worthwhile, and in general a human being of less ultimate value than my fellows. I am not being discriminated on because of the color of my skin, or my ethnicity or religious preference, but simply because it has been decided that I do not earn enough money in the course of a year to qualify for inclusion in all of the rights and RESPONSIBILITIES that my forebears fought and gave their lives to secure and protect. We must look at this from more than one perspective...not only does it unfairly shift the burden from each and every American to a select segment of the population, but it takes away the God given responsibility given at the expulsion from the Garden, to be responsible for your own food, raiment and shelter. You arbitrarily take that responsibility away, and you are on your way to taking away the reason for which we conduct our selves in responsible fashion. For what purpose will anyone strive to better themselves, they will be taken care of but most certainly in BONDAGE to that system. I am a free American, keep your 'second class citizenship'. Should we not take a lesson from the former Soviet Union, if you let part of the people pay for all of the people then no one but the Government will have any money.
Unfortunately, some people would probably want to be kept by the rest of society. Look at the ones from New Orleans that wanted everyone else to solve their problems. That might be why most of Europe is leftist. It's the same thing that I learned when teaching Laubach literacy. If the students did not pay for the materials, they did not value them.
Same as a story that Zig Ziglar tells:

A businessman was rushing to work and saw some disheveled individual selling pencils. Because the businessman was in a hurry, he just dropped some money in the bucket and hurried on. Then he stopped and went back and got his pencil, saying something like: "You are an honest person trying to make an honest living selling pencils. I forgot to take my pencil." Years later, as the story goes, the businessman was at a chamber of commerce function when a neatly dressed man came up to him and introduced himself. He asked if the businessman remembered him. The businessman said no. The other gentlemen then said something like this: "I was that hobo selling pencils a few years ago. When you came back to get your pencil, you gave me my dignity. I am now a success, thanks to your reminding me that I was not a beggar, but a businessman."

Cool story. Ziglar says it is true.

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