Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Want a Comprehensive Timeline for Katrina?

Me, too.
I was going to construct one when I found this. Works for me.


Kajun said...

The evacuation began long before Sunday.

By the Friday before Katrina struck exit routes were made one way by State Police as usual, and hundreds of thousands of vehicles had already passed through my town (about as close to the coast as one would dare to stay) and campers, motorhomes, and trailers of every description were parked anywhere they could squeeze in.

Most people do not need to be told to evacuate ahead of a hurricane.

This early exodus should have made the evacuation even easier for those remaining in New Orleans.

The failure to evacuate Nursing Homes and all of the hospitals was criminal in my opinion.

But it's hard to help people who bite the hand that feeds them.

Some of the areas that refused to evacuate are completely controlled by gangs. No one enters those areas.

Prisoners were not released from jails. They were transferred to other jails, including our very large one.

camojack said...

You might wanna redo your template; everything is above your posts, making it necessary to scroll way down to get to them.

I almost despaired of them being there at all...

Pat'sRick© said...

Thanks for the first hand secret account. MSM eat your heart out.

I might play with the format over the weekend.